February 18, 2013


The mod bob

The Mod bob how to

The Mod, 1960s bob is a hairstyle dependent on texture. You need the added volume, the oomph and the strength to make it seem like you’ve spent hours on styling it (but secretly, you haven’t). To make the hairstyle work now remember to avoid making it a precise replication of the era. You’re not aiming for Twiggy’s hair, nor Bardot’s. Instead you’re aiming for a hairstyle that evokes and romanticised the 1960s, even if it didn’t really exist within the iconic images of the day.

The cuts

While hairstyles in the 60s were certainly made up of more than one distinct length, it was an era very much defined by its shorter hair – hence 70s fashion is all about length. So it is that this is a style designed for those with a bob haircut. The best length for the cut of the bob is chin length, but it’s also going to be able to work with a shorter, Twiggy length bob. If you are having your hair cut shorter, the trick is to maintain the sharpness and strictness of the bob by booking regular follow-up trims, ideally every 6-weeks.
Despite the fact that it’ll heavily downplay the effect, it is possible to interpret this hairstyle without with a bob. In this case the style is far more dependent on styling. The haircut, however, can be layered or a levelled and fringe is optional.

The tools

To style this look, you’ll be able to make use of

  • hair mousse
  • volumising cream
  • hairspray
  • a hair straightener and/or curling wand
  • a comb
  • a paddle brush
  • bobby pins

Styling it

The mantra is texture – this hairstyle is all about getting the texture and volume around the crown.
  1. Take small sections around the crown of your head and backcomb it. The general rule for backcombing is to take a tail-comb brush and comb the hair three times in a downward motion. Don’t be rigorous and rough as you’ll damage the roots. Section the hair in three parts and that should create enough volume around the crown.
  2. Lightly settle the flyaways and spray and generous amount of hairspray onto the bouffantsection.
  3. Pick a hair parting now; we recommend the site parting as worn by Twiggy and Arizona Muse, though you’re equally as able to borrow from Bardot should a centre-part better suit your face shape.
  4. If you opt for a center part: Whether you have a fringe or not, part the hair down the middle and pull back the hair from either side. Secure the sides with bobby pins, just behind ear at eye level. For long hair, create wavy curls or even straighten the locks.
  5. If you opt for a side part: Taking inspiration from Muse’s textural styling, create a side part on the right. Pull the hair on the other side and secure with a bobby pin at eye level. This will work best if you have a side fringe. End all styling with hairspray.