December 27, 2012


Half braid hairstyle

1. Prep your hair by applying either heat protecting spray or some anti-frizz serum to damp or half dried hair. This will help give your hair that extra sleek look.

2. Straighten your hair out by blow drying it using a flat brush. For a sleeker look, take a flat iron and iron your hair straight in 1 inch sections.

3. Create a side part. You can pick either side of your head, and this largely comes down to how your hair sits and what suits you best. However, not that your half braid / half plait will be created on the same side of the part.

4. Now it’s time to create the braid / plait. The half braid hairstyle from Herve Leger’s show features a cornrowed strand. You can create this or you can opt for the (the easier to style) classic braid. The half braid starts from the ear and works towards the rear of your head. On the same side of your hair that you created your side part, start by taking a 1 inch section of hair from the back of your ear and then braid or cornrow this strand backwards to create a long braid.

5. Secure your braid with a pin to the opposite side of your nape – if you started the half braid from your right ear, you should pin it to the left of your nape and vice versa. The trick here is to pin the half braid / plait over the rear section of your straightened hair and then under the hair of the opposite side of the braid’s starting point. It can be pinned as far forwards as your opposite ear. The picture below shows this with long hair.

6.Section the top half of your hair opposite your side part. Twist the section to keep it held together, then pin it backwards hiding it under your remaining half head of hair. It will be pinned in a similar spot to your half braid.

7. Finish the half braid hairstyle and hold it firmly in place by using hairspray or by selectively combing gel into the straightened parts of your hairstyle.